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The chance to unplug, unwind and tune into your surroundings is the ultimate luxury. A retreat at Kalien is about getting away from it all; cooking meals in your cottage, hiking the surrounding trails, or simply reading a book on the swinging porch bed. Days of rest and relaxation are the norm at Kalien Retreat.

The 107 verdant acres of forested Appalachian Mountain foothills have been set aside for solitude and peace. Kalien Retreat features guest cottages of rustic elegance—each sheltered by acres of natural wildwood and verdant meadows. There are hiking trails, private picnic and seating areas, seasonal waterfalls and streams, scenic views, and good ‘ole fashioned peace and quiet.  

A 188-year-old oak tree Old Majestic serves as the retreat’s natural landmark. Each cottage features a mountain-facing deck which spans its length. And it’s positioned perfectly to begin the day (at whatever time you choose) with coffee, sunrises, animals, and birds, in our nationally certified wildlife habitat. The overnight Keefer-Roberts cottage features a gas fireplace, memory foam mattress, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, tiled rain shower, Keurig coffee maker, a small but functional kitchen, a small table/desk, vintage cigar leather loveseat and ottoman, a planked cathedral ceiling, and walls of locally-milled eastern red cedar. The entrance porch is screened-in and will soon feature a quaint swinging twin bed.

Kalien has been created with our guests in mind. No matter if you desire complete and utter solitude or friendly and confidential southern hospitality, Kalien is the place for you. One can stay a week in solitude and never see another human being, or savor an optional gourmet dinner and other experiences with Kalien’s resident hosts, Randy and Gina Elrod, at an outdoor table made from hand-sawn planks crafted from an on-site tree felled by lightning. If desired, a private online calendar informs when a casual drink and conversation with your hosts and other guests can be had around a crackling fireplace or under a star-filled sky.

Kalien Retreat is operated under the auspices of the 501c3 public charity Creative Community, Inc. Seventeen acres are dedicated especially for Kalien and the additional acres are the private residence BeauChamp Farm of Kalien’s founder and hosts. Their rustic-modern home is called Rivendell.  While BeauChamp Farm is a private residence, Kalien has reciprocal usage privileges of the hiking trails, entrance, and dining and other options when offered.

Providing essential space to rest, reflect, and regroup.

Kalien Backstory

In 2002, burned out and struggling to find his soul working as a Creative Arts Pastor in one of America’s largest megachurches, Randy Elrod first dreamed of creating a space where encouragement is embraced. Together with his wife Gina they have purchased and paid for fifty-five wilderness acres in the Appalachian Mountains to provide a beautiful place of encouragement and solitude. They call it Kalien which means “beauty is calling”.

At Kalien they have set aside sacred ground so that one can find the time and space to reconnect with oneself and one’s ideas, a place where the sound of solitude has an encouraging ring to it.

Amid the bustle of our lives, it’s easy to lose sight of those moments of solitude that can be so invaluable and rewarding. “Solitude is a crucial and underrated ingredient for creativity. From Darwin to Picasso to Dr. Seuss, our greatest thinkers have often worked in solitude.” —Susan Cain (Quiet)

But the reality and demands of daily life mean we can’t just hightail it to a cottage in the woods like Thoreau for two years. And let’s be honest—many of us simply don’t want that kind of seclusion.

But moments of solitude—even small ones—when self-imposed, intentional, and fully appreciated, can have profound effects on our productivity and creative thinking. That’s why they have created “spaces within community.”

Each Kalien cottage will be at the epicenter of at least one acre to insure complete solitude. And a central gathering space will be provided periodically if community is desired.

Randy’s personal artist cottage The Hawk’s Nest at Kalien was completed July 2015.

The Keefer-Roberts cottage is now open to guests, a stunningly beautiful guest cottage made of local eastern cedar with kitchen, bath and shower facilities, a spacious deck and screened-in porch located high atop our southern ridge only a few yards from a pre-Civil War stacked stone slave wall and also at the entrance of two private hiking trails.

All donations are completely tax-deductible. Creative Community, Inc (the 501c3 public charity which operates Kalien Retreat) is proud to have been awarded the Gold Participant Standard by—the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

Together we provide people that desperately need encouragement and solitude a place to rest, reflect, and regroup. Who knows? It could be you that stays here first.

A Place of Encouragement and Solitude

Help us help others. Your donation counts and is completely tax-deductible.

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  1. Hey randy. Jennie Schut here. I’m looking for a place to conduct a silent retreat july 8-10. Are you up and running? Cost?

  2. “Everything’s hard until it’s easy.” Glad you’re forging a path toward greater significance, and ease by being most who you want to be — and need to be. Be well.

  3. Gina, It was an absolute joy to meet you on the flight from Tampa to Nashville yesterday!
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful vision about your retreat, (so akin to that which my beloved Nick & I had near 7 Springs Pa.) I believe so in ‘Divine Appointments’ & know God had His hand in our meeting! May you both be blessed beyond your wildest dreams as you minister peace to those who come to find God & their connection to Him via nature! Best wishes & prayers.
    Marlene Bethmann

  4. Randy/ Gina-

    I am planning on attending re:create 2017. Do I need to book a cabin through this site, or look for a hotel in town. I am flying in and out of Nashville (probably) and had not planned on getting a car as well. But, all that can be changed.

    I wanted to check before all the spaces were accounted for.

    Thank you,

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